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How the Warriors Represent the Aloha State

Colt Brennan Colt Brennan
Hercules Satele Hercules Satele

By Howard Dashefsky

NEW ORLEANS (KHNL) -- While the time zone is different in New Orleans, the countdown is the same. And Warriors were busy, not only getting ready for the game. Along with a practice and news conferences, players also took part in a special tour at a New Orleans hospital.

It's a beatiful night at the corner of Canal and Bourbon. This is pretty much ground zero of New Orleans. We're getting really close to this game and it's just a few days away.

One of the best press conferences when it came to what Hawaii football is all about. We've strung together a handful of the best soundbites, where players talk about everything from why Hawaii football is so special, to getting respect from the nation, so sit back, relax and enjoy the best of the best on how our team is representing the Aloha state.

"No matter win or loss, we're going to captivate this nation. This is something that nobody's ever seen before. You're going to see hair flying out the back of helmets, you're going to see chants you've never seen. You're going to see people smiling on a football field in times you'd never think they'd smile. You're going to see four receivers with dreadlocks coming out of their helmets, you're going to see one crazy white boy quarterback who's running around trying to throw the ball down field, you're going to see fast quick O-Lineman, and you're going to see a defense that plays lights out. It doesn't matter about a win or loss, we're going to captivate this nation when they watch us play football because it will be the most unique thing they've seen," said Warrior Quarterback Colt Brennan.

"Our biggest thing going into this year was play for the guy next to you first, play for the university then you play for the islands, and everything else will fall into play. Every game we go out there knowing that no matter what happens, if we stick together we'd come out of it," said Warrior Receiver Ryan Grice-Mullen.

"We're just trying to get ready for this game in this big atmosphere that's going on in New Orleans and just show the world what we can do," said Warrior Offensive Lineman Hercules Satele.

"All you ever hear about is, well the play in the WAC, well nobody has watched them play, well this, well that, well everyone's made up every excuse about why nobody should think of us as a great football team. Well there's no more excuses after this football game. National stage, the sugar bowl against one of the best teams in the country. After this game is done, you can say whatever you want, but if we go out there and take care of business and handle things, I can guarantee you that this football team who hasn't talked all year is going to start talking."

We hope that Colt will be able to do a lot of talking after a hopefully big win.

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