New Orleans Bar with a Hawaiian Flair

Lyn Sapir
Lyn Sapir

NEW ORLEANS (KHNL) --  It's what of all the bars and clubs to be found in the French Quarter, there is one that has a distinctly Hawaiian flair.

That place is Johnny White's. The owner of the club is Iolani High School graduate Lyn Sapir who set up shop here on Bourbon Street two decades ago.

For him, the Sugar Bowl is always something to look forward to, but as you might imagine this Sugar Bowl is the sweetest of all.

"We're so excited to have Hawaii here, it's just a wonderful, wonderful  time for me and my wife.  We love it," said Sapir.  "It's so great to have all the Hawaii people here, it's just an amazing thing. It's a great feeling."

To find Johnny White's bar, just walk on down Bourbon Street until you across the all the Hawaii flags.

You're also likely to find a whole lot of Hawaii people wearing their Hawaii shirts hanging out in the street just outside.