Warriors Inspiration To Many

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The Warriors greatest season is inspiring an entire state. Everywhere you go, you see green T-shirts, the H, or the Haka.

But the Warriors story of success is also inspiring those thousands of miles away.

It's a song that speaks fondly of the Warrior football team -- Hawaii's Warriors.

The singer is a fan, but not from Kailua, or Nanakuli, or Wahiawa. But Flatwoods, Kentucky.

"This really made me feel good, that something positive like this could generate lot of attention," said the song's author, Ryan Parker.

Software engineer by day, Parker has been writing sports songs on his website for about two years. He was contacted by a local radio station about another song he wrote. They told him to keep an eye on the Warriors.

"After that, I kept following the Hawaii team, and that was about midway through the season, and found that they were very exciting to watch throughout the year, and very inspiring," said Parker. "I was rooting for them and found myself becoming a fan."

Parker wrote this song after watching Hawaii's BCS dreams come true.

"They showed the arena in Hawaii, with all the fans, and just how enthused they were, and I just picked up on that myself, coming through the TV almost," said Parker.

"Everybody's moved and excited about the season," said Colt Brennan, who hadn't heard the song himself. "It's great to see people that are that touched, and they wanna do special things, and that's neat."

"I just really want them to feel proud about it," said Parker. "Proud about about watching the video on air and hopefully the lyrics to the song are meaningful to them."

Parker says the response has been phenomenal, with thousands of hits on his website, and just as many positive responses.

He will be cheering on the Warriors on New Year's Day. He predicts a Hawaii victory, 42-35.