Oahu High Speed Car Chase Ends In Arrest

Hanalei Kekoa
Hanalei Kekoa

PEARL CITY (KHNL) -- An intense search by air and on the ground for Honolulu police earlier Sunday. It was a high speed car chase from the North Shore down to Central Oahu. Two suspects are still on the loose, and one is behind bars.

It started with a vicious robbery at a beach park, and ended with a foot chase through a crowded shopping area.

Ehukai Beach Park is known to have many car break ins. Police say another one happened Sunday morning when at least one man broke into a car, punched the woman sleeping inside, robbed her, and sped off.

The police chopper followed the car out of the North Shore, through Waipahu, and into the Pearl City Sam's Club parking lot. It's crowded with people and cars: A dangerous situation.

Eyewitness Hanalei Kekoa recalled, "They screeched in real fast, almost banging the pillar by the car. Then they started running off.  Two went that way, one jumped over this wall. That's the one they caught. It's crazy. With my kids and wife, I wouldn't want anything happening to them like that."

Police say the silver Honda is a stolen car. Witnesses say the car nearly hit a woman.

"If that was my wife or mom I'd be upset. I'd want these guys behind bars."

The criminal pursuit led to a little excitement at a nearby bus stop, when police frisked what turned out to be the wrong suspect. Police eventually arrested 36-year-old Derek Torres, who has a long criminal history.  He's facing charges of auto theft and robbery.

Police are still looking for the other two suspects.