Price of Premium Ahi Over $30 Per Pound

Burton Greene
Burton Greene
William Leehang
William Leehang

HONOLULU (KHNL)--People are buying up sashimi for their traditional New Year's feast. But they are buying nearly double the amount they usually get in order to have enough to share with friends at Sugar Bowl game parties.

If you are planning on picking up some sashimi for the New Year's holiday, better hit the ATM first. The reason, it's simply supply and demand.

The price you end up paying here all depends on what happens at the fish auction.

There is an abundance of the catch-of-the-day and that could help lower the price.

The ahi in the showcase looks amazing but so is the price. Premium was selling for over $30 a pound.

Overall, the supply is down because bad weather kept fisherman out of the water earlier this week.

And demand is up. People pick it up for New Year's and to enjoy during the game.

Burton Greene bought four pounds.

"I got the good grade sashimi at $15 a pound. Of course, it runs up to $30 a pound for the high grade. Sashimi at $15 a pound is still good. My wife will cut it up put it on a bed of cabbage make hot sauce mustard and soy sauce," said Greene.

But some were not willing to splurge.

"The ahi was going from $23 to $30 a pound you can get it later on," said William Leehang. "We decided to go with snapper which is a bottom fish and coming from Chinatown prices are outrageous, bottom fish is good."

The Leehang's will enjoy snapper and roast pork.

"For New Year's Eve we made sure got a big enough piece to last into New Year's Day for the game."

Others dug deep and bought the premium.

"Once a year get the best. Make the family happy." said Robert Yoshida.

And he shares his wishes for the New Year.

"Prosperity for everybody and good health."