Soccer Camp Teaches Lessons for Success

Tx Tario
Tx Tario
Brian Ching
Brian Ching
Lina Takada
Lina Takada

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- On the field, practice makes perfect.

That was one of the lessons for success at a soccer camp in east Honolulu. But there was also a big message for success off the field.

These kids come to the Pro-xtreme soccer camp for one reason.

"Cause I like to score goals," said Lina Takada.

The camp is meant to hone these young players skills in scoring, as well as dribbling and passing.

Brian Ching is here, along with fellow local boys gone pro Duke Hashimoto, and Kenji Treschuk.

And there's more pros -- Ted Eck and Clint Mathis.

"They're crazy good," said Tx Tario. "They inspired me and everyone here to just get out there and have fun and do your best in soccer, and someday you'll get that far someday."

That's the other lesson the pros want to pass down.

"Show the kids where I started, just the same as them, and let them know through hard work and a little bit of luck, they can get to exactly where i'm at," said Ching. The Kamehameha grad now plays forward for the MLS Houston Dynamo.

"He's really put us out there and he's telling everyone in the world that there's talent in Hawaii," said Tario. "By this soccer camp, and everyone in it, we can show everyone what we really have."

Ching says only a handful of players got divison one soccer scholarships when he came out of high school. That number is now in the dozens.

And there was no Major League Soccer.

But now, the league is starting to grow and he is one of its brightest stars.

And that's why he enjoys playing with these potential future stars.

"It's something special," he said. "These kids get a little bit of enjoyment with us, and hopefully it gives them something to strive for a shoot for."

And maybe some of them will score.

The Pro-xtreme camp wrapped up Saturday.

It'll continue on kauai, January 1-3.