Stolen Safe Found In Keehi Lagoon

(KHNL) - Honolulu Police recover a safe stolen from the Golden Coin

Restaurant in Waipahu on Christmas night.

It was recovered at Keehi lagoon. Police had a tow truck pull it from the water. The safe has been missing for almost three days.

Burglars emptied the cash, and dumped it in a remote area off Kalewa street.

The tow truck backs up to the waters edge as police surround the shoreline of the abandoned lot. Moments later, the safe that was full of cash emerges empty as the owner who does not want to be identified stands nearby.

He told us, "They saw on the news that the safe was stolen, So they gave HPD a tip."

That tip came in around 5:30pm Friday night.

The safe was found about two feet off shore. Police told us a canoe paddler found it as he was entering the water.

The restaurant owner told us, the safe was extremely heavy, so the burglary had to have involved several people.

After the restaurant closed on christmas night, surveillance video clearly captured some of the suspects.

The owner said, "At least three people did it. They're all very professional. They were all wearing long sleeves, baseball caps, and gloves."

Although he's happy police have a big clue in solving the case, he says, he's taking additional measures to beef up security.

"We will be adding, like upgrade our security system. For example we will be installing motion detection, so that if there's motion inside the restaturant, they will notify us"

Police are still investigating. Neither police, nor the owners are disclosing the amount of cash stolen.