Warriors Coach Pulling Double Duty

Ron Lee
Ron Lee

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The Warrior football team will be in New Orleans for more than a week. It may not be long for the players, who are on winter break. But it is a long time, if you've got a job. Or in one case for one of the warrior coaches -- another job.

Ron Lee has been wide receiver coach at Hawaii for the last nine years -- ever since June Jones has been here.

But even before roaming the sidelines for UH, he's been one of the key behind the scenes guy in another Hawaii favorite.

Ron Lee has been around football all his life. Got a job as a coach right after college. That was 40-years ago.

"been doing it ever since," said Lee. "Don't know anything else but football, so i've been spending all my time with that."


At night, Lee goes to his other job -- manager of the Outrigger Waikiki Showroom. Home of the Society of Seven.

"I got the best of two worlds," said Lee. "I enjoy working at night, with so many return guests I see over the past 35 years that come and go every year, so I get to see them, and I get to do something I like during the day."

Lee admits it can be pretty tough, especially during the season. But he never dreads going into the office -- whichever one it may be.

"I don't look at both jobs as work," he said. "I'm just really really blessed to be able to do both."

"It's been a nice fit. I've been lucky, the Outrigger, has given me the opportunity to do both."

Able to do both. And able to succeed at both.

"Couldn't ask for a better season, 12-0," he said. "The only thing is we wanna end it 13-0."

Lee says his life will remain busy during recruiting season. But after that, it'll slow down.

And he'll get more time to enjoy another favorite -- golf.