Consumers Can Sell, Swap Gift Cards on the Web

Mary Jane Kelly
Mary Jane Kelly

(KHNL) -- If you receive gift cards for Christmas, and they're cards you don't want, you can swap or sell them for cash on several Web sites.

When we get something we don't like, we usually take it back to the store for an exchange or a refund. Well, the same can apply to gift cards.

Gift cards are big Christmas items this holiday season but what if you receive some cards you're not too crazy about?

No need to worry. Web sites like and are giving you the option to sell or exchange them.

For a fee, consumers can list their cards on Swapagift, for up to 90 days.

"It's only $1.99 to list your gift card for sale or for swap and there's no charge if you're just purchasing a discounted gift card," said Mary Jane Kelly, president of

And get this, a new feature now allows you to use your unwanted cards to pay bills.

"With heating bills on the rise, you can now pay your bill with your gift card that you receive from a department store, electronic store even a book stor," said Kelly.

On Plastic Jungle, it's free to list, but you do have to pay a 10% commission fee when your card sells or trade.

"All cards that sold on our site sell on an average of 85%, some are less than that and some are more so if you have $100 gift card, the odds are you're gonna get about 85%," said Tina Henson, founder and CEO of

Henson says with gift cards becoming a popular trend, the business of buying, selling and trading them has become more common.

And because these sites are a secondary online marketplace, anyone looking to buy gift cards can find some great deals.