Warrior Fans Enjoying the Festivities in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (KHNL) -- Our coverage continues with Howard Dashefsky who gives us a look at the city of New Orleans including all the festive places and events to try out

For the UH Warrior football team, this is ground zero. Come New Year's day, the hopes and dreams of an entire state will be played out here in the Superdome.

But for the thousands of Hawaii fans who made the journey to support the team, the focus is all right here.

Welcome to one of the most recognizable streets in the world. Bourbon Street. Home of neon lights, endless streams of beads, and now, the most recognizable "H" West of the Mississippi.

At least for the next 5 days.

"You know Hawaii, guaranteed, guaranteed Hawaii".

For long time Hawaii fans who have been on the roller coaster from Rainbows to Warriors, it's an E ticket event that's long overdue.

"I've been through the down times been through the up times everywhere with these guys and I can't believe we made the new year's bowl and I an here t support them 100%," said Dwayne Hirata of Kapolei.

With upwards of 15,000 Hawaii fans expected here to se the game expect to see a lot more of these green shirts around town in the days to come. But make no mistake about, Hawaii pride is already flying high.

"It's once in a lifetime out of control man it's crazy it's just out of control man. (And it's only Thursday) That's right and it's only Thursday," said Eric Nishijima of Wahiawa.