Grounded Superferry Leaves Family Stranded and Frustrated

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Harsh weather conditions have grounded the Hawaii Superferry for a second day.

It will stay docked at Honolulu Harbor at least through Friday, leaving stranded passengers scrambling to find a way to come back home.

The Florence family, for the most part, had a good trip to Maui.

It wasn't until the ferry service was canceled that they started feeling all alone on the Valley Isle.

The Florence family was looking forward to taking the Superferry to Maui for Christmas.

"Because the trip over was real exciting, it was fun, the boys had a great time, we had a beautiful sunrise going over Diamond Head going out, we have pictures of it, just gorgeous," said Katrina Florence.

They enjoyed the trip so much, they were telling everybody about it.

"We've been going around touting to the local establishments, the Superferry was so great. We're going to do this again. It's just so convenient to bring your own car."

But when harsh weather conditions grounded the Alakai, their happy mood was quickly replaced by a growing sense of frustration.

"The only other option that we were presented when we called the reservation line, is simply we can reimburse your return voyage or book you on another return voyage. That's it."

They couldn't find anyone who could tell them what to do with their stranded vehicle.

"It's kind of like families traveling with cars beware because you can't control the weather and the ship may not be able to travel and if you have a car, you're stuck."

They've been trying to get Superferry employees to help them since Wednesday, but Katrina's husband John has had no luck in getting answers.

"It's just amazing. John called back and he goes, 'I can't believe I've heard nothing from you.'

So, the Florence family is flying back to Oahu Thursday, but John may have to make an unplanned trip back to Maui.

"And John expects to fly back this weekend to get the car and take it over to the ferry, and come back on the ferry with it because we haven't been told otherwise to do anything else."

Superferry executive says the Florence family's experience is unusual.

They say it has a contingency plan, and stranded passengers can leave their cars at port, and make arrangements to pick them up at a later date.