Hawaii Gets Ready to Start the New Year with a Bang

Lizzel Agas
Lizzel Agas

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- With Christmas now a distant memory, many Hawaii residents are already looking ahead to starting the new year with a bang.

Of course, we're talking about firecrackers.

It almost seemed like Christmas all over again.

Parents and kids busy filling up their carts with a wide assortment of pyrotechnics.

This sign says it all.

It serves as a beacon for those wanting to ring in 2008 in a big way.

"Very important because it's the New Year," said fireworks fan Lizzel Agas. "That's when you celebrate. Fresh start again. You know. Crack all the booms. Stay away from the bad luck."

Brian Nakamoto has the same idea, filling his entire shopping cart with fireworks.

"Tell us what you got here. Basic firecrackers. These things that shoot flares and some kid stuff like smoke bombs," said Nakamoto.

He says he didn't want to wait until the last minute.

"Wanted to come early to make sure we had the firecrackers because we already bought the permit."

But fewer people are buying fireworks permits.

Only about 2,600 so far this year, compared to about 4,500 for the same period in 2006.

The main reason behind this is the popularity of these paperless fireworks. They cheaper and you don't need permits to get them.

Some shoppers say these firecrackers save them the hassle of going to the Satellite City Hall.

Whether going paperless or staying traditional, fireworks fans say it's a good way for parents to celebrate the new year with their kids.

"Just be careful and make sure you always watch them and just need to be around them to make sure they're doing it safely," said Nakamoto.

Safely to usher in a prosperous new year.

"It's been a good 2007. Hopefully will continue into the next year and on and on and on," Nakamoto said.

Many major stores like Don Quijote and Sears sell fireworks.

But you need a permit to buy most traditional firecrackers, so make sure you do that before you hit the stores.