Volunteers Serve Up Christmas Meals to Homeless

Kathy Shell
Kathy Shell
Eileen Nepomuceno
Eileen Nepomuceno

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Dozens of Hilton Hawaiian Village employees spent the day spreading Christmas cheer to the homeless at Chinatown Gateway Park.

Smooth sounds and a memorable meal.

"Not every day can you eat hotel food," Kathy Shell, homeless, said while laughing.

For Shell, and hundreds of others who've fallen on hard times, it's a Merry Christmas because of caring volunteers.

"They give up their holiday with their family so that they can come and help people," Shell said. "That's really beautiful. Yeah, it's really amazing."

Hilton's Eileen Nepomuceno has been serving up holiday meals for the homeless for more than a decade.

"I've been a single parent, and I know how hard it is," she said. "But I think more and more, we see people that don't have homes and don't have shelter."

She and her co-workers have enough turkey and the fixins to feed about 500 people. There's also a gift area with donated clothing and toys.

"It gives me joy to come out here on this day to celebrate with people that maybe don't have anywhere else to go," Nepomuceno said.

Shell never imagined she'd be on the streets for so long.

"This is two years, almost three years later, and I still haven't gotten an apartment or a house," she said. "And it's tough."

But on this day, the 59-year-old has reason to smile.

"It's very nice, very, that's very thoughtful of them," Shell said. "They very get the Christmas aloha spirit."

The hotel workers prepared 45 turkeys for Tuesday's event. They've been providing Christmas meals to the homeless for 13 years.