Warrior's Secret Weapon On Bowl Team Flight

Brian Kajiyama
Brian Kajiyama

KAILUA (OAHU)--There is one member of the coaching staff who is especially thrilled to be heading to the Sugarbowl. Cerebral Palsey keeps graduate assistant Brian Kajiyama in a wheelchair but that doesn't limit his contributions to the Warriors.

The 30-year-old Kajiyama doesn't usually travel with the team due in part to his special needs. But he is on his way to the Sugar Bowl. No one in the University of Hawaii football program was about to leave Brian behind. Kajiyama and his family are packed and ready for the trip of a lifetime. Lots of Warrior pride in their suitcases.

He volunteered with the football team for eight years. This year, Coach Jones brought him on as a graduate assistant.

"Basically, I do everything the coaches don't want to so that includes helping break down game film of the opponent's offensive game and I also help scout the other team to give the coaches that extra edge to help our players perform at the highest level come game time," said Kajiyama.

He speaks through his keyboard and explains he never travelled with the team before.

He stayed back and prepared for the next game.

"But since there was no next game, everyone felt I should be a part of the special experience. Because a team never leaves anyone behind. I'm excited to be making this road trip with the team."

He is an insider with a prediction.

"I'm confident in our players that they will be ready to step it up when the bright lights come on in the Superdome," said Kajiyama.

We joke about hitting Bourbon Street and celebrating the win.

"Maybe after we win, I"ll partake in a hurricane."

But Brian is all business. It's his job to help the Warriors win the Sugarbowl. And he concludes this is about the best Christmas ever.

Despite the obstacles he faces, Brian Kajiyama graduated this summer with a master's degree in counseling. And he just completed the first semester of his doctorate program in special education.