Search for Missing Man Intensifies After Reports of Possible Sightings

Linda Lee
Linda Lee

PEARL KAI (KHNL) -- The hunt for a missing Palisades man intensified Monday, after reports of possible sightings in the Pearl Kai area.

They join hands, hoping for a Christmas miracle.

"We just want to pray in Jesus name that you would reunite this family," a supporter said, while leading the search party in prayer.

Then, more than 50 family members and friends of missing man Ronald Lee continue their weeks-long search.

"If you see him, can you call 911?" one of Lee's nephews said, while passing out fliers.

The 67-year-old left his Palisades home nearly three weeks ago, and hasn't returned. His wife of more than three decades says he has difficulty hearing, but has no other medical issues.

"I really, really want him back. It's hard with 35 years," Linda Lee, missing man's wife, said. "And I'm at home and I just don't want to go anywhere."

The search group says it's concentrating on this area because a security guard reported seeing the retired postal worker near some newspaper stands at the Pearl Kai Shopping Center Thursday. Linda Lee says her husband is an avid reader.

"As long as we get sightings, our hopes are up," she said. "My hope is up."

Ronald Lee is about 5'2" tall and weighs about 155 lbs.

Armed with fliers, kids are spending their winter break looking for their uncle.

"We've never missed a Christmas together, and I just want to see him again," Linda Lee said. "But no matter what, we're postponing Christmas for awhile."

If you have any information on Lee's whereabouts, call Honolulu police.