Seniors Receive Aloha Spirit for Christmas

Claire Shimabukuro
Claire Shimabukuro
Romano Gregorio
Romano Gregorio

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Seniors in the Lanakila Meals on Wheels program got more than just a hot meal for Christmas.

The hot meals arrived as usual, along with something special for Christmas.

"Today, we are also delivering gifts to each of our clients and we're delivering cards to them as well," said Claire Shimabukuro, Executive Director of Lanakila Meals on Wheels.

It was a nice surprise for some long time clients who feel the program delivers more than just food. Those who have no relatives or friends like the company of the meals on wheels volunteers.

"Well, it's special during the holidays because you have someone to talk to, you know, you don't have any body here," said one client.

"I think they deliver to us what they call the Aloha Spirit, that's what I feel," another client said.

Meals on Wheels volunteers share their Aloha Spirit all year long by dropping off hot lunches and dinners. Now it's time to mix in a little Christmas spirit.

"When you give, it's time to forget yourself and think about others, I found out the more you give the more you receive," said volunteer Ramano Gregorio.

Some were overwhelmed with the generosity of the Meals on Wheels program.

"There's no way to express the wonderfulness of the care and kindness that they give all year."

Volunteers deliver meals day in and day out, not always realizing just how big of an impact they have on their clients.

"Does this make your Christmas?  It surely does thanks, thanks, thanks," a client said.  "It makes me very happy, thank you."

The gifts were put together by Central Union Church.

The cards were made by children from Manoa Elementary School, Kaimuki Middle School, and from the International Association of Machinisits Union.