Travelers Face Few Delays at Honolulu International Airport

Joe Aguillar
Joe Aguillar
Piilani Kaupiko
Piilani Kaupiko

HONOLULU (KHNL)--Once you get to the airport, things look pretty good except for some weather related delays on flights originating in snowy cites on the mainland.

The delays are caused by poor weather in cities like Chicago and Minneapolis. Cancelled flights have a trickle down effect.

"I hope everything is on time because on the way here we got delayed, actually our flight changed so we hope it's OK now," said traveler Joe Aguillar.

And those incoming planes are taking a while to get here.

Northwest Airlines posted a few delayed flights, one to Minneapolis and one to Seattle. That's where Aguillar is heading.

"We are going back home. Olympia is our home. We haven't kept on the weather really. We know it's about rain and cold so we hate leaving this weather it's fantastic."

Things were hectic at the interisland terminal. Many local families were heading outer island to spend the holiday with family. Some college kids are home on winter break.

"I go to school in Pepperdine in Malibu so just going home to Big Island. Right now pretty excited to see my family," said college student Piilani Kaupiko.

There were some lines but everything seemed to be moving along.

And soon many like Piilani will be home for Christmas.