Last Dash Christmas Eve Shopping

Carissima Naki
Carissima Naki
Joy Machado
Joy Machado

AIEA (KHNL) -- Local retailers prepared for the last minute Christmas eve rush by extending store hours and increasing discounts.

"There's always a lot of sales on Christmas Eve, or any event for that matter, " said shopper, Carissima Naki.  "There's some stores that say up to 70% off, like sale prices."

Experts estimate the three days leading up to Christmas will account for about 10% of total holiday sales.

Joy Machado came to the mall with her son.

"We were really nervous there would be a lot of people, and decided that you know, we would come as early as possible and give it a wing and it's not as bad as we though it would be," Machado said.

"We left our house at 6:45 am. Because the store opened at 7:00, we came early ate breakfast and started shoppin,." Naki said.

Pearlridge provides a holiday train ride for shopped-out children.

"He does it every year, every time we come during the holiday season, he's gotta ride the train, he makes sure you know that," Machado said.

Retailers can now only hope that the last minute surge will help meet their estimated holiday sales goals.

Mondayss sales may make or break retailers numbers for the holiday season.

Pearlridge Mall will be open until 6:00 PM on Christmas eve and closed on Christmas day.

Stores enticing those last minute shoppers hope the rush will make for a happy holiday overall.