Sugar Bowl Tickets Still Available

Ron Lee
Ron Lee
Kaipo Chong
Kaipo Chong
Chase Moses
Chase Moses

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Saturday was the first day tickets for the Sugar Bowl went on sale to the general public. Despite the early demand, there still are tickets left.

Most of the people at the box office fell into two groups -- those who have tickets.

"It's been a long line and a long wait, so hopefully we get some nice seats," said Warriors wide receiver coach Ron Lee. "I'm anxious to see where my seats are."

And those who have tickets, and are looking to upgrade.

"It was okay," said Kaipo Chong. "They had seating in the equivalent to the blue section at Aloha Stadium and the orange as well."

"Actually our other cousin, actually bought tickets already for around $200 on a presale ticket place," said Chase Moses.

Tickets from the school are sold at face value -- $125, plus a small surcharge.

But some complained that the school ran out of tickets so quickly, they were forced to go elsewhere, and pay more.

"It was kinda unfair just because a lot of the season ticket holders, from what I heard, purchased hundreds at a time," said Chong, who is not a season ticket holder. "There was no limit at the time and now they enforce a limit, and by that time there was no tickets."

School officials say in its initial sale to season ticket holders, about 8,500 tickets were sold to about 1,300 people. That's about six tickets per person.

Officials say there was no ticket gouging, and the school always wanted to accomodate season ticket holders first.

And if you want proof the school isn't playing favorites, just ask Lee.

"No, I stand in line like everybody else and just wait my turn," he said.

Officials say about a hundred tickets were sold Saturday, and they still have a couple hundred left.

They'll be sold at the Stan Sheriff Center Ticket office, Monday morning at 8:00.