Free Trees for Last Minute Shoppers

J.T. Aleman
J.T. Aleman
Darrell Young
Darrell Young

OAHU (KHNL)--Some vendors on Oahu have such a glut of Christmas trees they are giving them away.

And apparently sales were so slow at one Kailua site, they simply dumped the trees and walked away.

No one seems to know the reason why there are so many leftover trees this year. What we do know is that hundreds of people who didn't buy one got one for free.

"Hey, you all need a free tree? Merry Christmas. Support Habilitat take a free tree," the Habilitat workers shouted.

At Stadium Mall, there was a free tree drive-thru.

"We came here for some food, next thing I know, we got Christmas trees," said J.T. Aleman.

"I know that these are going at least 40, 60, 70 bucks today they are free we are pretty stoked about that."

Something to spruce up your holiday.

The vendors shout out, "Hey, how is it going? Did you get your free tree yet? Free Tree Man."

"This will make my house smell a lot better. We kinda improvised. We didn't have a lot of money this year so we took a tree from outside that is potted and put it in but this but this will trade up," said Aleman.

At Habilitat's Stadium Mall stand, they had about 30 trees left. Just two trees left at their Kapiolani location.

"On the side of the road over there, wave down people let them know giving away free trees, last night we gave away door charms, wreaths," said Habilitat Tree Salesman Darrell Young.

There used to be a tree stand at this Kailua location but it's hard to compete when retailers like K-mart were selling trees for a dollar and others are giving them away. It looks like this vendor dumped the trees and closed up shop. Some seeking free trees came by and tossed them in their truck.

"They were very happy one free tree I'm sure anyone would be happy it's to help the needy people who can't afford it hopefully it will brighten their Christmas as much ours. That's really what it's about giving yeah," said Young.

Nothing like a free evergreen to get you in the Christmas spirit.

"Halleluiah, Bless the Lord, Merry Christmas," said Aleman.