Christmas Shopping Frenzy

HONOLULU (KHNL)- With less than three shopping days left before Christmas, last minute shoppers are scrambling.

But procrastinators beware!

The malls are busy, and they will get worse.

Mike Fisher of Ewa Beach told us, "I haven't started yet, so I got a bunch of things to get, and not much time."

Fisher isn't alone. Tens of thousands of people are expected to pack shopping malls across the islands over the next three days.

Lisa Minor of Mililani told us she's getting some last minute gifts, "I'm trying to hit everything before it gets way too crazy this weekend."

But the craziness is all ready here, and for some, they're feeling the pressure.

Fisher siad, "I put off my christmas shopping until the last minute, and now i'm scrambling around to get my last minute items taken cared of."

Getting into a mall is going to be tough, and parking at every mall across Oahu is tight.

Once your'e lucky enough to get parking, maneuvering through the crowds is your next challenge. As christmas day draws closer, the malls will get even busier.,

But no matter how tough it may get, you'd think last minute shoppers would learn their lesson... Or maybe not.

Fisher said, "Every single year, I say I'm not going to, but I still do (procrastinate).

He showed us his list and said, "I'll be good!"