State Lawmaker Wants to Enforce Animal Cruelty Law

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A state lawmaker, backed by the Hawaiian Humane Society is asking Honolulu prosecutor Peter Carlisle to investigate and prosecute a recent case of animal cruelty.

It stems from the case of a family's pet dog, that was apparently stolen, then slaughtered, for food.

This is the image the Hawaiin Humane Society hopes will help drive home the message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

The 8-month old Australian Shepherd named Caddy was apparantly stolen and killed from the Moanalua Golf Course.

"It's heartbreaking and we can all relate to that as we think more and more about how we feel about our dogs and our cats in our households, that we consider them to be part of the family," said Pamela Burns of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Orleee Groh is one of those people. For her and husband, their dogs George and Luas are everything.

"Oh my god, if somebody took my dog, I'd be devastated," Groh said.  "It would be like somebody stealing my child. Imagine if someone took your child and eat them. It's ghastly."

After the killing two beloved pet pigs earlier this year, state lawmakers finally passed an animal cruelty law.

Several previous attempts failed.

Now one of the co-authors of the legislation wants to see the law enforced.

"It was written with the intention that when cases like this occur, that there is a penalty section in the law that will deal swiftly with people like this," said State Senator Clayton Hee.

Police did arrest two men on suspicion of felony theft.

But both suspects were released while the investigation continues.

"I sit here today with the hope this case, the case of Caddy will be our first felony animal cruelty case in the state of Hawaii and I urge the community to come out loud and strong so the prosecutor office will here this needs to be charges of felony animal cruelty," said Burns.

"I think this is something we really have to focus on this law so that people can be punished for the things they do to particular animals," said Frank Manuma, Caddy's owner.

The Hawaiian Humane Society offers a $2,500 dollar reward for information that will help convict two suspects of slaughtering a family's pet dog.