Die Hard Fans Buy Sugar Bowl Tickets in Unconventional Way

Ralph Dushkin
Ralph Dushkin

(KHNL) -- If you're not a season ticket holder, getting Sugar Bowl tickets at a reasonable price probably wasn't easy.

But some die-hard Warrior fans found a way to get their tickets at face value through one unique Web site.

When these fans set out to buy their Sugar Bowl tickets, they didn't have to worry about tickets running out. That's because they reserved their tickets well in advance.

Think of it as insurance for game tickets. That's how ticketreserve.com works. It's a forward marketplace that allows sports fans to start planning for next season's bowl games.

By reserving tickets, fans are guaranteed getting them at face value.

That's how Warrior fan Ralph Dushkin got his Sugar Bowl tickets.

"I had faith in UH. I did all my planning airfare, hotel stay about three or four months ago," said Dushkin.  "I had faith in them and sure enough, they came through."

Dushkin bought eight tickets at a $110 each.

"Unless you go through the university and there's only a selective amount of tickets, it gives you an opportunity to buy tickets ahead of time instead of waiting for the allotment to come through."

For Warrior fans hoping to go to the Sugar Bowl this season, they might have to look elsewhere for tickets. But for next season, Dushkin says it's not too early to start planning.

"If you bid early and you have the opportunity to bid, I think it may be a good idea for next championship series."

The 2009 National Championship marketplace is open on ticketreserve.com . Price per reservation is $25.