Stolen Truck Plows Into Maemae Elementary Parking Lot

LILIHA (KHNL)- A couple suspected in a Liliha burglary plow their truck into a busy elementary school parking lot. It happened just as the kids were being picked up at lunchtime.

Following a massive manhunt, a female suspect is in custody and police are searching for the man involved.

The owner of this Liliha home arrived to find burglars ransacking her house. So bold, they locked her out then ran out the back. A ukulele and financial papers are missing. The suspect in a pickup, hit gridlock in front of Maemae elementary school.

"I heard the siren looked to my left saw white truck speeding past everybody then hit my car and a man and a girl just got up and started running to the back of the school," explains Sherillyn Donohue.

"The suspect vehicle a white dodge pickup truck hit a Honda right here in front of Maemae elementary after he hit the Honda, lost control and went through some hedges and into a parked vehicle,' says Major Kurt Kendro.

"If my mom were in that van it probably would have got my mom very injured or killed maybe and that would make me very sad because i love my mom," worries Caitlin Donohue.

A woman and her daughter were taken to the hospital for injuries they received when the truck hit their van.

"My van took the brunt of it thank God nobody was really hurt it could have been really really sad because we had so many kids waiting to be picked up it was really really scary," says Donohue.

The school was in lockdown during the search..

"We were able to catch the female at Oahu cemetery right down the street and the male was able to get away from us, " explains Kendro.

The family whose home was burglarized hope their ukulele and other things are still in that stolen truck. The suspects face charges of burglary, auto theft and failing to render aid.