Illegal Workers Arrested in Downtown Honolulu

Kyle Chock
Kyle Chock

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Federal authorities arrested several illegal immigrants after a raid at a Downtown Honolulu jobsite on Wednesday.

The illegal workers were taken into custody at the Pinnacle construction site, located at the corner of Bishop and Beretania Streets.

A spokesman for the Pacific Resource Partnership - which brings together contractors and the Carpenters Union - says they were appalled by the arrests.

"If this can happen in Downtown on Bishop Street, where else is this happening across the state right now?  And how many other workers rights are being violated and exploited at the expense of making a quick buck?" said Kyle Chock of the Pacific Resource Partnership.

The same jobsite had been cited earlier this year for unsafe work conditions.

That was after a 15-foot piece of rebar fell from high atop the building, piercing the roof of a car.