Green and White Christmas

It's amazing the amount of songs celebrating the season like never before.  No, I don't mean Christmas tunes, I mean artists revering the feel-good, local story-of-the-year, the UH football team.  Lots of people have whipped up witty originals and take-offs of other songs in the spirit of the season--that is, the season which this year seems to be all things UH.

And it will certainly be a white Christmas in Hawaii, and no, I don't mean up on Mauna Kea.  I mean the inordinate amount of tee shirts and merchandise with white, and green, and silver, and black--all in honor of and to celebrate this exciting football team's accomplishments.  And why not, for 'tis the season of cheer and merriment and celebration and wishing good tidings and peace on earth, or at least a piece of turf--that would be the Sugar Bowl.  Normally at this time of year, sugar bowls are used to make cookies and other sweets.  This year, sugar bowl has taken on a whole new significance locally.

So enjoy it all, breathe in the fun and festivities.  And don't forget that there really is a deeper meaning to this time of year, a call to help out, and reflect and give thanks and to share yourself and your feelings.  Frankly, I think we could all learn a bit from these gridiron college kids about the true meaning of love and working together and searching for deeper meaning in our lives.  Think About It.