Waianae Students Dedicate New Hula Mound

Myron Brumaghim
Myron Brumaghim
Jonathan Moniz
Jonathan Moniz

WAIANAE (KHNL) -- Students at Nanaikapono Elementary school in Waianae celebrated the school's 75th anniversary with the dedication of a brand new hula mound.

Just a month ago, Nanikapono students had to practice their hula dances on a small mound of dirt.

Now, thanks to a $35,000 donation from Hawaiian Electric, there's room for twice as many dancers.

"The Hula Pau actually validates a sense of pride for the school," said Jonathan Moniz, Nanaikapono Museum curator.  "When the kids are actually dancing the hula, they'll be able to demonstrate what they learned on this pau, this Hula Pau."

The hula mound is an example of how the school teaches culture and the arts through hands on activities.

"When they do the performances and stuff like that, we actually provide the students with the background in terms of the history of what that particular musical number may be," said Myron Brumaghim, Nanaikapono Elementary School principal.

The mound was blessed and dedicated to Brumaghim for his 19 years of service to the school.

He's retiring next week and leaves his mark on the new gift.

"It's called Konohoalili, is what it is, my middle name," said Brumaghim.

The students will begin to use the new stage twice a month when they visit the on campus museum.

"The students are, I think they are itching to walk on it and being able to perform whether it's sing or dance," said Moniz.

The students at Nanaikapono will begin their hula lessons on the new and improved hula mound starting next semester.