Man's Beloved Pet Dog Stolen and Killed

MOANALUA VALLEY (KHNL) -- A retired Hawaii musician is dealing with a devastating loss, after his beloved dog was stolen and killed over the weekend.

Avid golfer Frank Manuma named his dog 'Caddy' when he got him as a puppy eight months ago. He describes the Australian Shepherd as well-behaved, smart and spirited.

"He was very special to my wife and I," Manuma said. "You know, he was just, everybody loved him."

But now, his kennel is empty, and all Manuma has left are memories.

"He was very much a companion. He was almost like my own son," he said. "Yeah, he was, he was special."

On Sunday, the retired musician took his dog with him to Moanalua Golf Club because his wife was out of town. He says he got permission to leave Caddy by the equipment barn while he played a round of golf.

When he returned, his dog was gone.

He says a pair of maintenance workers at the course confessed to stabbing Caddy.

"I heard a quote saying we killed the dog because I have to feed my family," Manuma said. "And with that, I kind of lost it."

Police seized a car that they believe was used to take Caddy, and arrested a 58-year-old man and a 43-year-old man on suspicion of felony theft.

"Not a real Yuletide tale," Manuma said. "But I do hope people can be aware of their animals, where they are, and trust no one."

From a dog owner with a broken heart.

The manager of the golf course says the two workers have been fired. The suspects are locked up at the main police cellblock.