Storm Shuts Down Pool at Kailua District Park

KAILUA (KHNL) -- That storm caused swimming pool blues for hundreds of windward residents.

Nearly 300 people use the pool at Kailua District Park each day but it's been closed for nearlytwo weeks now.

The problem is, this is is not a simple fix. The December 5th storm flooded the pools electrical room and burned out part of the pumping system.

They're waiting on a new part from the mainland. It could be at least another week before it reopens.

The Kailua District Park pool is closed until further notice.

"Because of the storm we had a power outage and it affected our relay system and it burnt so the pump is not able to work without electricity," said pool manager Jeaneen Heldt.

All swimming classes like water aerobics are cancelled. It's just not safe to open.

"The water doesn't circulate, the chlorine doesn't go in and we can't have the pool open if it's not circulating."

This is one of the most heavily used city pools on Oahu.

"The entire community is affected. We have hundreds of people come in daily using the pool for exercise classes, lap swimmers, we have the high school teams work out here, Kailua, Kalaheo High School also the age group swimming, Aulea Swim Club works out here so they are all affected by the pool closure."

The pool may be closed through Christmas.

"We closed December 5th on the storm, the day after the storm and we haven't re-opened yet. We are planning to re-open as soon as we get the parts. They are on order from the mainland so we are expecting them in about 12 days or so."

The pool closure is having a very negative impact on competetive high school swimmers.

They are just starting their season and they need to get in the pool to build up their endurance for upcoming swim meets.