Busiest Mailing Day Keeps Post Offices Working Overtime

Duke Gonzales
Duke Gonzales

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Christmas is just a week away and post offices across the state are working overtime to get your packages delivered by December 25.

Monday is the busiest mailing day of the year.

"It's an exciting day for us, a challenging day too," said Duke Gonzales, Postal Service spokesman.  "We expect to see about 8 million pieces of mail come through our processing facility today."

'I'm sending my package to some good friends who just got stationed out in Germany, unfortunately I don't think it will make it on time, but I came to this post office because the lines go so much faster," said Amy Reedy, a postal customer.

Post offices in Hawaii have added extra employees and longer hours to handle all of the last minute holiday shipments.

"Get here early, get here at 6:00, they open at 7:30, Monday through Friday from now to the 21," said postal customer Liz Kauwe.

Many seem to have taken her advice. The lines at the airport post office location were moving smoothly.

"I thought it would be worse, cause last year it was worse," said Marvin Stephens. "But I came later in the day last year."

If you haven't mailed your gifts yet, the deadline to reach your loved ones before the holidays is quickly approaching.

Thursday is the last day to send express mail packages to have the best possible odds of reaching their destinations by Christmas.