Brennan Among UH Winter Grads

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan

There was a familiar face among the hundreds of graduates at the University of Hawaii on Sunday -- Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan.

Brennan's had a remarkable career -- broken or tied 29 college football records, led the Warriors to the schools' first ever perfect season and BCS bowl.

But he says all that pales in comparison to what he accomplished Sunday.

Among the faces in the crowd, a face that's stood out from the crowd the last three years -- Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan.

Record setter. Heisman finalist. And now, college graduate.

"The feeling is priceless," said Brennan. "I just went to the Heisman trophy, just went 12-0 in my senior year, and those feelings and the reward i got out of that doesn't seem to compare to the gratification of just finishing school."

For fans, it seems like just yesterday Brennan made his Warrior debut against USC in September 2005.

But for Colt, this has been a long day coming.

"I've been in school for so long it seems like," he said. "I graduated in 02. went to a prep school, went to 3 different colleges, so to finally be done is just the biggest like, greatest feeling."

As every other college grad, Brennan will now be job hunting.

"I'd like to go play football," he said. "But cool thing is i have a degree. so if football doesn't work out, i'll be fine."

With his degree in communications, Colt says he could see himself on the other side of the mic.

"I look at guys like Kirk Herbstreet (of ESPN), and a bunch of other guys," said Brennan. "They travel around the world, and talk about college football, and watch college football, or watch pro football -- I can't imagine a better life."

Up next immediately for Brennan -- practice.

Getting ready for the Sugar Bowl, on New Year's Day.