Waialae Gas Station Gives Away Free Gas

WAIALAE (KHNL) - It was all smiles today for a few lucky customers who caught a break from rising gas prices.

The primary sponsor for the Sugar Bowl sweetened the holiday season with free gas for dozens of people who pulled into the Waialae Chevron station today.

With gas prices already at record highs so far this year, all state hawaii employees were out spreading some holiday cheer to those filling up their tanks today.

"I just ran out of gas, and so my friend had to drop off a little gas tank down the road. I said I'm going to make it to Chevron, so i pulled up for 25 dollars worth off free gas it's awesome," said customer Chris Hee.

It was perfect timimg for Jason Villagomez who pulled in to fill up his tank which would normally cost him 60 dollars.

"I wasn't even expecting this, i just came to put gas because i'm kind of running low, i go to make sure i get home," said customer Jason Villagomez.

All state hawaii says it is happy to provide its customers not only with some relief at the pump but also some top notch customer service.

"Our agents are pumping the tanks for them so their getting a little extra smile for that service," said Mary Ann Gillis of Allstate Insurance.

In all, 180 motorists found themselves in the right place at the right time. Allstate picked up the tab for 45-hundred dollars of gas, all in the spirit of Christmas.

The 2 hour special was also held on Maui and in Kona on the big island.

Allstate says customer traffic at those locations was also very high.