Bowl Banter

If you think some people here are upset about Sugar Bowl tickets and travel gouging, you oughta see how some of the locals are taking it in Boise ever since last week when their beloved Broncos opted to pass on the backyard Humanitarian Bowl, played in Boise, in favor of a trip to paradise and the wonderful Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. I will add the disclaimer that I am an advisory board member of this local bowl, but the fact that Boise State players decided they'd rather come back here than play in front of 30,000 fans at home, albeit a cold home, says a lot about what this bowl has accomplished in a relatively short period of time. And it says a lot that administration officials supported this vote, in spite of the possible outcry by some in Idaho.

Frankly, the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl has a lot to do with UH being in the position it is in this year, as UH teams have been magnificently showcased over the years in great Sheraton Hawaii Bowls against the likes of Tulane, Houston, Alabama Birmingham, and Arizona State. In its first five years, this bowl game has showcased many facets of Hawaii at holiday time, and has given our team a post-season place to play, with kudos and comments from visiting fans and teams almost unanimous in their praise; it is a well-done week of events, plus football.

That makes it all the more important for local fans to support the game again on December 23rd, when Boise State, a class act, comes to town to meet the high-powered Pirates of East Carolina. It's good for the state, it's good for the economy, it's good for the family, and it's good for our own University of Hawaii team to make sure that we all support this game. After all, we can't assume a BCS berth every year, now can we?  Think about it...