Ticket-ed Off UH Fans

One of the all-time great rock and roll acts, Led Zeppelin, announced a reunion for one show only with 15,000 seats available at $ 250 apiece in London, England. Within 8 hours of the on-line box office opening up, there were 20-million ticket requests. Locally, the police sold out the 8,000 seats available at Blaisdell Arena in less than three hours on a Saturday morning.

Bottom line is that supply and demand are always a problem for big-time events, whether it's a reunion concert or a BCS bowl. The rapid nature in which tickets disappeared for the UH/Georgia football game is unfortunate, but it once again proves just how fast you sometimes have to act when a special opportunity arises. Frankly, there are probably 40,000 Louisiana folks and LSU fans that have tickets to a Sugar Bowl game that now features an SEC team they usually boo against- that's Georgia, against an upstart team that many can't fathom how they got invited- and that would be UH.

The fact that local charter flights are now being added at a time of year when travel is crazy everywhere to begin with tells you how much pent-up demand there is in Hawaii to be a part of this unbeaten and undaunted team, as we all meander along on this thrilling, season-long ride. I sure hope those intrepid, early Sugar Bowl ticket buyers who gobbled up 50 or 100 tickets here will be reasonable in their transactions with those who didn't make the ticket call early enough, and are still looking for a seat at the Superdome. That would be true aloha spirit in this season of joy and hope, as opposed to acting grinch-like and greedy. Think about it...