Drunken Driver Learns Punishment For Killing Two People

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A man who killed two young people while driving drunk in Waimanalo five years ago learned his punishment Wednesday.

Tears and harsh words filled the courtroom during Jonathan Namauu's sentencing.

After nearly five years, Willie Singleton's heart is still broken. His daughter, 17-year-old Jamie Singleton, was killed by a drunken driver.

"The love of my life. That's my life," the victim's father said. "I won't be able to walk her up the aisle and give her away to some young man one day. I won't be able to do this no more. I won't have no grandkids."

Prosecutors say Jonathan Namauu had nearly two times the legal limit of alcohol in his body and was driving without a license, when he lost control of his truck, which was carrying seven passengers. It happened on Kalanianaole Highway in Waimanalo on February 1, 2003.

Brittney Herring survived the crash.

"I can't sleep at night," she said. "I have to take pills to sleep because I have bad dreams. You took my best friend away from me."

The driver's own brother, 21-year-old Zebeedee Leahy, was also killed. Their sister begs for mercy, saying Namauu has turned his life around.

"I'm praying to God that he will give to me my only brother that I now have left," Anastasia Leahy, convicted driver's sister, said.

Prosecutors say, after drinking all day, Namauu was driving 62 miles an hour in a 35 mile-per-hour zone.

"I'd just like to apologize to the families that I have caused hurt, pain, suffering," Namauu said.

The judge calls it the worst example of irresponsible driving he's seen. He sentences Namauu to 10 years in prison for two counts of negligent homicide and two counts of assault.

The judge also orders him to pay restitution to the victims' families. The amount will be determined later.