See It, Snap It, Send It Tips

Garrett Nose
Garrett Nose

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- With all the See It, Snap It, Send It photos being emailed to us here at KHNL, we get to pick the best of the best to showcase. Here are some simple tips to make sure your shots standout.

There is so much to see and shoot in the islands.

From spectacular surf, to scenic sights and of course spellbinding sunsets.

"The ocean is always bluer, the trees are always greener, its such a great place to be taking pictures, the best place I think," says Garrett Nose, as an award winning Island photographer.

He has an eye for capturing Hawaii and the people who live here with his digital camera. But this new technology does have some drawbacks.

"The problem with compact digital cameras is there is a shutter lag, when you press the button its not actually taking the picture at that moment, there is a split second before the camera fires."

That can make even spectacular scenery blurry.

Nose adds quick fingered shooters should also take the time to frame up a shot.

"Try and see if you can get that horizon line, the ocean or a building, level with the top or bottom of the frame, so you can be sure the frame is relatively level."

For those looking to improve from basic photographs to more polished prints, Nose advises to set up a tripod. Which will not only steady out your shot, but also allow for more creative pictures.

Just a few simple tips to remember, so that when you pick up a camera, your shots are picture perfect.