Still Plenty of Christmas Trees for Sale

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- If you still haven't picked up a Christmas tree this year, you're not alone.

Several vendors, including one of the biggest in the islands, says there's plenty of nice, fresh trees still looking for a home.

In his 31 years of selling Christmas trees in Hawaii, Richard Tajiri says this is the worst.

"About this time of the year, I'd be almost done and I'm not even half way right now, so it all depends on what happens this week up until the 15th," said Tajiri.

He believes low sales are due to a number of things beginning with last months wasp scare, the two big UH Football games at Aloha Stadium and last week's heavy wind storm.

"Hopefully the public has come back and recovered from the big storm and winds and think about Christmas, the mall has been quiet too, hopefully better from today on," said Tajiri.

Now that the weather has cleared, he is seeing a steadier flow of people buying his Christmas trees including some long time customers.

"We decided to go out today cause it's a nice day and you know we bought trees from Richard before we like his trees so we decided to buy it today," said Richard Dumancas.

Being a Christmas tree vendor in Hawaii can be a tough business. Some years, there's a shortage of trees, other years too many trees are ordered.

"It is the most difficult state to gauge whether you want to bring in 5000 trees or add 200 to it it's very difficult," Tajiri said.

Richard Tajiri wants to remind people who haven't picked up a tree, that Christmas is only two weeks away.

At last count, Richard Tajiri says he has about 2000 trees left, ranging from 2 feet to 8 feet. On a good day, he sells about 300, lately, that number has dropped to 100.