Tim Tebow Wins Heisman

Brian Obergfell
Brian Obergfell

(KHNL) - His resume was there;  41-hundred passing yards,  38 touchdown passes,  leader of the nation's only undefeated team.

But it still wasn't enough for Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan to take home college football's most prestegious award.

Brennan finished 3rd in this year's Heisman voting.   He finished 6th last year.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, took home the Heisman.  Tebow is the first sophomore to ever take home the award.

Despite not taking home the trophy,  Colt wanted to say mahalo to the place that he's grown to love.

Brennan still made history becoming the first Hawaii player to be a finalist for the Heisman trophy.