Colt's Biggest Fan Cheers on the Team

Terry Brennan
Terry Brennan

AIEA (KHNL) --  Colt Brennan has earned fans from around the state of Hawaii and around the country, but there is one supporter, who is without a doubt, his biggest fan!

He is a face in the crowd.

One of thousands rooting for Hawaii to maintain an undefeated season.

He's also Terry Brennan, quarterback Colt Brennan's dad.  He's  proud of how the Warriors played this season.

"It's great!" said the elder Brennan. "The whole team! This is wonderful for Hawaii and the team.  He's really lucky to be around a great group of guys and coaches, too."

Brennan said that the tremendous support Colt's been getting from UH fans has meant the world to him.  Colt's also sad he's finishing up his final season.

"He loves it and it's been a great experience," said Terry Brennan.  "Too bad it's the last game, though."

Brennan gave Colt some common sense advice on how to play against Washington.

"Chuck and duck," he said. "Chuck it and get the hell out of the way."

Brennan said Colt has always been a fighter; never giving up.  That mindset has served him well in some dramatic come from behind victories.

Terry Brennan said Colt has been touched by the way Hawaii has adopted him as one of its own.  The feeling is mutual.  Brennan said Colt, in turn, has also adopted Hawaii.