Search Teams Look for Missing Man on Mauna Kea

Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy
Kelly Seelbinder
Kelly Seelbinder

MAUNA KEA (KHNL) --  After two days of searching, no sign of a man who went hiking to the summit of Mauna Kea.  Brian Murphy's daughter is worried and upset because she says, he should have known better.

The 67-year-old man started his journey on Wednesday, during a break in the weather. On Friday, teams searched a seven-mile stretch from the check in center, to the summit, with no luck.

Relatives say Murphy loves the outdoors. It's what brought him vacationing to the islands, and what inspired him to try and hike to the summit of Mauna Kea.

"He thought it'd be neat to check out the view," said Kelly Seelbinder, Murphy's daughter.

But now, he's missing. Relatives and search teams are concerned because of the weather. Fire officials say the altitude -- 13,000 feet -- combined with the snow, wind and rain, dropped the temperature the other night to ten below zero.

"I just hope that his optimism and his determination and his smarts will work in his favor, so he can protect himself from the elements," said Seelbinder.

Murphy's daughter says he wasn't prepared. He was only wearing a T-shirt, shorts, a hat and tennis shoes. But what frustrates her most -- is that he was warned by someone at the visitors center of the potential danger.

"I'm upset that he went by himself," she said. "I'm upset cause he went when the weather wasn't very good. and I also disappointed that the rangers or someone told him at the station, when he checked in, suggested that he didn't go."

"We love him, and hope they continue to search until they find him."

Authorities found Murphy's rental car, and he did sign the guest book at the visitor's center.

Teams will continue their search at first light Saturday.