Honolulu Dances Now!

Freedom Williams
Freedom Williams

KAKAAKO (KHNL) --   Everybody dance now!  Some of the biggest dance groups of the '90s rocked Honolulu for a one-night only concert Friday night.

The headliner was Freedom Williams of C+C Music Factory.  Their song "Gonna Make You Sweat" became an international dance sensation.  Williams said many elements went into making the song successful.

"If you look at the couture of "Gonna Make You Sweat," it was about style," he said.  "It was about the image, and fashion, and I've always tried to be fashionable, clean cut.  Hip-hop is about, you know, your Addidas is always clean. Your Nikes is always clean.  So I tried to bring that element to it."

C+C Music Factory performed Friday night with the Cover Girls and Seduction.  The party got started at 8 pm at Pipeline Cafe.  Williams is working on an upcoming album.  He is recording several singles with Crystal Waters.