Viewers' See It, Snap It, Send It Images of the Storm

(KHNL) -- We can't get enough of the photographs and videos viewers are sending in via See It, Snap It, Send It.

This week's storm provided the largest number of images we've received so far.

With rain still pelting parts of the islands we continue to receive powerful images from our viewers.  Here's the latest round of See It, Snap It, Send It photos.

On the windward side of Oahu, 20 minutes of non-stop downpour flooded Antonio Muniz's driveway.

Quite a storm over on Maui.

Randy Bartlett snapped this photo of multiple rock falls on Hono-a-pi-i-lani Highway.

A rescue at Hookipa Beach on Thursday. A Maui Fire Department helicopter lifts a surfer to safety after he was swept out with the rough seas.

Near Maui Lu Resort, a resident found a way to get across the brown water on his surfboard.

And in this photo sent in by Manny Sauer the driver of this jeep lost control and ended up on the side of the road where his jeep sank about three feet in the mud.

This Fast and Furious storm blew through the islands and left a lot of damage behind but there were a few positive moments,

The clouds over Lahaina opened up to a beautiful ray of sunshine and above Captain Cook on the Big Island, a colorful rainbow across the sky.

And if you come across something newsworthy, or just interesting See It, Snap It, Send It.  You can submit photos of breaking news, weather, sporting events or anything you like.