89 Going on 30

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Gladys "Glady" Burrill lives by two mottos. One is if you've never dared, you've never tried. That drives this 89-year old to power walk her 4th consecutive Honolulu marathon.

"Well I don't know. It's just part of my life. I just enjoy it," said Burrill.

She wasn't into marathons, until she woke up one morning in 2003 and saw the fireworks at the start of the race.

"It was so emotional seeing that, and thought, well, I'm just gonna have to do it next year," she said.

Glady did. Crossing the finish line 8-and-a-half hours later to find her husband of 68-years on the wrong side of the barriers, crying.

"I get very emotional at times. and I lost everything that day, when I saw her coming. I was real proud of her. I never thought she was gonna make it," said Eugene Burrill.

And every year since, she's improved on her time. Partly because she never stops training. She walks about 50-miles a week. Including 6 to 8 miles two days after the marathon.

"They say you can rest for a couple months, but I just get antsy, I have to get out there no matter where I am," said Glady.

"She's an inspiration to whoever she meets," added her husband.

An inspiration with big goals.

"I figure in maybe another five years, i'll be able to compete with the kenyans," joked Burrill.

And when you see her other motto on her desk, a figurine with the inscription "aging is for sissies" you know she'll do it.