Clear Heads Must Prevail

Yet another record for the State of Hawaii, according to new statistics, and this is yet another one of those you wish wasn't so.  Arrests of people who were driving while impaired will hit an eight-year high by the end of this month.  Law enforcement officials have stepped up their efforts, but what's perhaps scariest about these numbers is that the average blood alcohol level of those nabbed is almost double the level that defines "legally drunk."

Based on the existing numbers, about 10 people per day are arrested in Hawaii for this potent mix of drinking and driving--that's a lot of caught offenders, but now just imagine how many other people have escaped and weaved their way home.  More checkpoints and more attention to patrolling areas have undoubtedly added to the number of impaired and immoral imbibers being hauled in, but common sense and better self-control have got to take hold before these staggering numbers grow even worse.

The "not me" syndrome is often at play, along with the self-satisfying "I'm fine . . ." mantra.  Well, no you're not, and when you're not "fine" to drive, then none of us on the road are fine being around you.  Friends, family, co-workers, take note.  'Tis the season to be jolly, not plastered and cruising.  Think About It.