Downed Poles Force Road Closures on Oahu's North Shore

OAHU'S NORTH SHORE (KHNL) -- From downed utility poles to fallen trees, folks on Oahu's North Shore were hard hit by the strong winds. Mother Nature left a trail of destruction that forced several road closures on the way out to the North Shore.

Marleana Cudd of Texas never expected to see this in Hawaii. The utility poles on Kamehameha Highway near Whitmore Avenue are no match for the powerful winds, snapping like toothpicks in some locations.

"We were going to North Shore," Cudd said. "But now, we don't know where we're going 'cause it seems like everything is closed."

Nearby, part of a traffic signal is blown to pieces.

"She's from Houston. I'm from Corpus," Cudd said. "And this is pretty normal weather for us."

John Detroy needs to get to his job site. At this point, he's already been waiting two hours for the road to re-open.

"How are you passing the time?" this reporter asked.

"Reading the newspaper, all the wonderful news about the UH football team and so on," Detroy said while laughing.

Popular tourist attraction Dole Plantation is closed, after a large tree comes crashing down. Workers spend the day clearing branches and other debris.

"We had some customers when I got on site," Michael Moon, general manager, said. "And although we would love to open for business, the health and welfare of our customers and our employees come first."

Haleiwa town, usually bustling with activity, is relatively quiet. We find many shops closed.

Several arteries leading to the North Shore are sealed off, as crews scramble to repair the damage.

"It's pretty hard to believe," Moon said. "You hear about it and you try to envision it. But once you actually see it, it's pretty awesome, actually, the power of Mother Nature."

On Wednesday night, Hawaiian Electric Company was still working restore power to affected areas on the North Shore, and was dealing with the downed poles near Whitmore Avenue.