Windward Wind Damage Significant

WINDWARD OAHU (KHNL) -- This storm caused damage to homes and knocked down power lines on the windward side of Oahu.

Wind gusts uprooted trees on the Pali Highway forcing commuters to take a different route.

This storm gives new meaning to the windward side. The wind gusts knocked out power to many neighborhoods in Kailua and Kaneohe.

Many people went out in search of a cup of hot coffee then learned the Pali Highway and many schools were closed.

In Kaneohe, a tree fell onto a house and nearby, the roof of this house caved in.

A portable toilet took a tumble.

And a city bus got hit by a bolt of lightening. No one was injured. But it took a while for service to resume

Part of the roof of this home is piled up in the front yard.

"About 12:30, the wind started to blow hard and then the roof started coming off on that house so I peaked from my window I could see that thing tearing off, " said neighbor, David Ishii.

Morning commuters discovered strong winds knocked down trees on the Pali Highway.

Heavy rains produced a powerful waterfall.

Crews cleared debris along the Pali Highway leading to Kailua.

"To give you an idea just how strong the winds were here along the Pali Highway I'm standing next to an uprooted tree and the rootball is giant and when the tree fell it took the entire guardrail with it," said KHNL News 8's reporter Beth Hillyer.

Here is why Kailua residents were without electricity.

A pole came down and pulled the power lines with it.

"I was really windy and it woke me up in the middle of the night with all the wind,"said Hannah Smith a Kailua resident.

"I got up around three in the morning because there was a lot of lightning and thunder and our power was out," said Kailua resident Tarah Sullivan.

And among hardest hit, the reindeer in this holiday display. Proof the wind whipped everything in it's path.

Homeowners were out raking up what they could. Many people are going to have to call tree trimmers to remove the larger trees.