Around Island Kauai Report on Storm Situation

(KHNL) -- We've seen and heard how the storm is effecting the islands around Hawaii but what about Kauai, we check in with KONG Radio, Ron Wiley.

RON WILEY:  Well we may be out of the worst of it, of course Tuesday beginning at 5:00 PM, we had power outages all over the island, KIUC was working all morning long and all night long.  State and County road crews working all day and all night into the morning hours and still working Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, Hanalei bridge was closed, it's now opened.  We have Maluhia Road, Tree Tunnel as it's known, Tunnel Tree has been closed since Tuesday night and it remains closed.    Maluhia the Tunnel Tree is one of the only two exits out of Poipu and Koloa to Kaumualii Highway and there was a traffic crash right there at the intersection Wednesday morning.

Detours are moving slowly but smoothly and this is the longest time in recent memory we had that road closed.

Electric power at the Historic County Building was not restored in time for the regularly scheduled Kauai Council Meeting.  Ron Kouchi, council member,  called to say the very important agenda items will be addressed at the next council meeting on December 19.

I spoke with Department of Education Bill Arakaki, our district superintendent, he told us all schools remain open and reassured parents that the schools all have power and remain a safe place for the students.  School buses will be running on their usual schedule.

There's a bit of problem at Wilcox Elementary in Lihue.  They don't have phone service.  Parents who need to communicate with their students will have to go to the school, however, they're safe, everything is alright there.

Again, it still turned into a beautiful day, we have some of those breezes going right now.  We have blue skies and white puffy clouds that look like chickens.