Around Island Report of Big Island on Storm Weather

(KHNL) -- This storm will hit the Big Island soon.  For the latest over there, we toss it over to KPUA's Ken Hupp, he joins us by phone.

KEN HUPP:  The Big Island thus far has been spared the impact of heavy winds and rain that have swept across the rest of the island, most of the problems have been limited to scattered electric outages which began Tuesday morning and are continuing throughout various parts of the island due primarily to down trees and debris on transmission lines.  About 8000 customers have been impacted at last report but most of that took place on Tuesday.

Winds have been moderate for the most part, although they did pick up on the North Kohola causing a down power line that temporarily closed one lane of Akonipule Highway at the 23 mile post.  At this time, all major roads and highways are open, however, the Kailua Pier's been closed due to rough surf and ocean conditions so cruise ships that would normally dock there are now bypassing Kona.

All private and public schools are open with the lone exception of Kua Oka La Charter School in Puna, that one is closed.

Although the impact to the inclement weather front has been limited until now, authorities are urging residents not to let their guard down just yet.  County Civil Defense is discouraging any travel to the southern areas of Maunalua and Mauna Kea where blizzard conditions are expected to bring snow and strong winds and they caution the area stretching from north Kohola to south Kona could still experience strong winds, heavy rains and thunder storms Wednesday night and Thursday.

County Civil Defense put out a message earlier Wednesday morning, they're expected to do an update Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile we have high wind warning and high surf advisory up through 6 PM and the island is under a flash flood watch through Thursday afternoon.