Crews Prepare for Windy Weather

Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin

KANEOHE (KHNL)- Some people might take refuge indoors during the high winds, but for others like contractors who work outside, it could be business as usual.

The windward sides of all islands are forecast to have the strongest gusts, which might or might not mean extra work for one construction crew in Kaneohe.

Strong winds could translate to no work for this contracting crew in Kaneohe.

"Since we're out here, with a lot of wind and a lot of rain, we have to stop right away. If it goes away we go right back to work, but if it stays we have to go home," said Contractor Jeffrey Martin.

First order of business will be safety. These workers are well aware of what can happen during bad weather, especially during strong winds.

"As I'm sure you all know high winds will take loose debris and just spread it all over. We try to keep things tied down when strong winds come, which can even be not enough at times because winds could still take her away," said Martin.

With construction sites come lots of debris that can pose a serious threat to property and people.

"Piles of wood, piles of loose stuff we try and tarp down with blue tarp or some type of netting, our holes, the sink holes that we dug need to be planked and side strong so it don't cave in," said Martin.

Weather permitting, this crew will be back to work Wednesday expecting to put in some overtime.

Another saftey reminder for contractors working in high wind conditions, make sure the electricity is shut-off completely before leaving the site.