Jones Pumping Up Heisman Publicity for Brennan

HONOLULU (KHNL)- For three years sportswriters across the nation have labeled Colt Brennan a prodigy of June Jones's system. Now, Jones is biting back, calling Heisman favorite Tim Tebow a system quarterback who's not a pure passer, and couldn't run the Hawai'i offense. Those comments have made many a headline.

"System is not a curse, it's not a swear, it's not a four letter word, you devise a system that enhances a players skills. that's what June Jones has done, that's what they've done down in Florida, that's what Urban Meyer's done," said Michael Wilbon on ESPN's show Pardon the Interuption.

Jones said his comments weren't intended to demean Tebow but rather to praise Brennan.

"I'm going to say it again and stand by what I said, my quarterback is the best college football player in America," said Jones.

Brennan's reaction to the coach's statement?

"Well I appreciate that, he's a good guy, you know I think he might be the best coach in the nation," said Brennan.

As for the Heisman trophy, both Brennan and Jones concede Colt's a long shot at bringing one back to the islands due to the media attention given to other candidates. However, that doesn't mean Brennan's not grateful for Jone's effort.

"I think Coach Jones was very strongly trying to take away that system thing and let the players be players, and I appreciate that," said Brennan.

"The bottom line is that I irritated them because they knew I was right," Jones said.